Printing PDF files

Here you will learn how to print existing PDF files and how to print into PDF files to create new PDF files. A PDF printer makes this possible.

This is how you print pdf files

To print PDF files, you first need a program that allows you to open PDF files. The best way to do this is with a PDF reader. A good example of a PDF reader is the Adobe Reader, but other readers will work as well. Newer Web browsers can also view and print PDF files.

Open the file that you want to print. Click File->Print. Adjust your print settings and print your PDF.

Print a PDF file to create new PDF files

With a virtual PDF printer you can create PDF files. You can convert anything printable to PDF. Install a PDF printer, such as the PDF24 Creator. After installation a new printer will appear in your Windows. This is a purely virtual PDF printer. If you print to this printer, then a PDF file will be created. This will open the PDF24 Assistant window where you can download then save, send or organize it further.

The PDF24 Creator is a well-regarded PDF printer

The PDF24 Creator is one of the more popular PDF printers. It is free, has a wide range of functions and is easy to use. Installation is quick and there are no hidden toolbars or thinks like that. This is really rare in the free software segment. After installation, always print on the PDF24 PDF printer in order to create a PDF file.

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