How to create a PDF document

Read on to learn what a PDF document is and how to create free PDF documents with the help of PDF24.

What is a PDF Document

A PDF document is a special file format that was developed by Adobe Systems. PDF documents are standardized and free. The PDF document is the file sharing format of today. Whenever you need to share a document to another person, then this document should be a PDF. This will ensure that the recipient who receives the document can open and view it with the exact same formatting as yours. The PDF document contains all the information that needs to be displayed. There are many free PDF Readers. Among other things, has a free online PDF reader available with which you can view PDF documents. In the Internet age it is very convenient to not need to install any software, but view the PDF in a browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, ...) instead.

How to create a PDF document

PDF24 offers several ways to create PDF Documents. The easiest way is with the free PDF24 Creator, which you can download from this website. Simply download it, install it and create PDF Documents.

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