Create a PDF from Word

This short article explains how to create a PDF file from Word files. The creation of PDF files is always useful when you distribute or send your documents.

What you need in order to create a PDF from Word

All you need is the PDF creator from PDF24. This free software can be downloaded directly from this page. Then you just use the download link on this page to download the latest version of this software. After downloading the software, the installation must be commenced. Then you just double-click the downloaded file to start the Setup Wizard. The wizard guides you through the installation in a few steps.

Thông tin thêm về PDF Creator

Here is how to create a PDF Word document

Open your document in Word. Select the print option from the menu. When choosing your printer, select the newly installed virtual printer named PDF24. Click on Print to create a PDF of your document. The procedure is simple. In this way you can create PDF files from any program.

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